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COSMOSC GUI and server examples

Here is a first version of a Cabbage COSMO interface using OSC.
COSMO-DSP_GUI.csd is intended to run as client on PC, Mac, or tablet,
COSMOSC.csd is a simple test server, that could run on the RPi,
synthesiserOSC.csd could run on the Pi, contains files that need to be included (see the comments)

Cabbage_COSMO-DSP_GUI.csd (5.0 KB)
COSMOSC.csd (1.7 KB)
synthesizerOSC.csd (4.1 KB) (1.8 KB)

Nice. Btw, have you tried the “Open/Save” from Pi feature of the Cabbage 2? It might be useful. Just make sure to set up the correct address and stuff in the settings menu.

Not yet, but I’m going to try it for sure!

Cool. It’s completely untested…more or less!

Just installed it. Do not have my Pi’s here at my holiday address, will be back home in Breda sunday afternoon.
A completely new look, very nice!
However, I do not get any patch to create sound here on OS X (the test button works) and midi input does not seem to work (the keyboard keys do not light up when I play my midi keyboard…

Spoke to soon. Now it works, don’t know why. I first switched back to my previous version of Cabbage, got sound. Then closed that and started the beta, now sound and midi works. Must have been a stuck bit…

Note that there are no plugin libraries with this one. But I think you mostly use the standalone version anyway.

Yes I do. I would love to use the AU’s in Logic or Garage Band, but never got them working on OS X…

Rewriting that AU stuff is on my list of things to do. Unfortunately, It’s not as straightforward as the VST.