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CPU usage

Hey All, I’ve been making a few cabbage plugins and I am wondering if there’s anything I can do to lower the cpu usage in Ableton when utilizing them? Each instance of a Cabbage plugin uses ~20% of my cpu and some of these plugins are extremely simple. Any help would be appreciated

best, Tristan

Instruments tend to use more CPU than effects. I just did a quick export of Iain’s CZSynth and in Live it was reaching 20% CPU with 10 voices. In Reaper it hardly went over 1%. I usually this example to test things as it is not the simplest of instruments. I don’t use Live much, but based on reports from Cabbage users, it seems to eat up a lot of CPU when working with instruments.

a few moments later…

I just tried setting openGL(1) in my form and it did reduce the CPU load a little in Live. The other thing to do, if you are updating widgets a lot, is to make sure you use guiMode("queue"), but this won’t rally make any different unless you are doing some fancy updating. Let me know if openGL(1) helps for you.

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