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Crash when moving checkbox

Hey guys, melt of a problem here. When I try to move a checkbox in a specific csd, cabbage completely freezes up and I have to restart.

I’m on OSX 10.11.6 (I can’t update any more lol) and Cabbage version 2.0.03.

Link to zip file

(It’s the checkbox with channel octbutton)

I can move other controls in my GUI and I can move controls in other csds, no idea what the craic is.


The question is which version 2.0.03 are you using? That’s my bad, I really need to be better when it comes to versions. Have you installed the version listed at the top here:

Actually, I can recreate the problem here. Let me take look…

You had quite a lot of imgfile identifiers for those checkboxes? Most likely a result of a bug in the version you’re using. When i stripped them out things got better. Also note that two of the checkbox have the exact same positions and dimensions. This will confuse the editor when you click on one. If you need to have controls with the same position and dimensions work with them directly in the code. Anyhow, here’s an updated Cabbage section for you that should work:

form caption("LV-4000") size(500, 350), colour(43, 41, 41), pluginid("def1")
image bounds(0, 0, 500, 350) file("Main Texture.png")
keyboard bounds(34, 248, 435, 100) whitenotecolour(255, 255, 255, 255)  keyseparatorcolour(197, 197, 197, 102) arrowbackgroundcolour(207, 207, 207, 255) channel("Key")
rslider bounds(38, 132, 93, 108) range(0, 1, 0, 1, 0.001) channel("sModVol")   imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")imgfile("Background", "blank.png")text("Voice Gain")
rslider bounds(36, 20, 93, 108) range(1, 4, 1, 1, 1) channel("sWave") identchannel("sWavei") increment(1) value(1)  imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")text("Wave Shape")
rslider bounds(168, 46, 150, 150) range(10, 35, 10, 1, 5) identchannel("sBPW") channel("sBPW") increment(5)  value(10) imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")  imgfile("Background", "blank.png")
checkbox bounds(360, 134, 68, 33) channel("stretchbutton") imgfile("On", "buttonin.png") imgfile("On", "buttonin.png")
checkbox bounds(392, 186, 68, 33) channel("distbutton") imgfile("On", "buttonin.png")imgfile("On", "buttonin.png")imgfile("Off", "buttonout.png") imgfile("On", "buttonin.png")imgfile("Off", "buttonout.png")
checkbox bounds(358, 56, 68, 33) channel("octbutton") imgfile("On", "buttonin.png")  imgfile("Off", "buttonout.png")
rslider bounds(448, 134, 40, 40) channel("stretchamount") range(0.1, 1, 0.1, 1, 0.001) imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg")imgfile("Background", "blank.png")imgfile("Slider", "rslider.svg") 
label bounds(360, 116, 76, 11) text("TimeStretch")
label bounds(360, 176, 76, 11) text("Distortion")
label bounds(168, 200, 151, 15) text("Bandpass Width")

thats me bein a little lazy boy copying things, cheers rory!!