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Create a mix of function table?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m new to CSound / Cabbage and as a educational task I try to emulate an Alpha Juno-2 (my first synthesizer)

Here are the wave forms for this synth:

I managed to create all the pulses, the “02” and “03” with with GEN07.

But I’m having difficulties for the sawtooth. I can do something with GEN07 too, but I think i would be better to mix (in the sense of multiplying) tables, for instance Sawtooth “02” could be a pulse / 2 , a pulse and a sawtooth.
I look to various GENs but I can’t find a way to do the trick…

Any idea ?

You’ve picked a nice synth to try to emulate! Trying to emulate these waveform by recreating their idealised wave shapes using various GEN routines will most likely result in all sorts of aliasing once you skip up through the octaves. Opcodes like vco2 provide band limited wave shapes that are generally preferable to this brute force implementation. It provides all the ones I think you are looking to emulate. In fact, vco2init is pretty cool too. It will take any function table and turn it into a set of band-limited tables you can use with vco2.

Keep us updated on your progress. It sounds like a cool project.