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Creating a dual knob

In a simple effort to save screen real estate, I was wondering if anyone has created a dual knob? Essentially it would be two knobs, one small, the other a bit larger, one overlaying the other? I’m just wondering how mouse interaction would work? How much bigger does the larger one need to be to allow access?

I’ll try tonight and see if I can make it work with just two rsliders!

Did you figure something out? Just placing a smaller slider inside a larger one will work Ok but it might be a bit finicky.

Yeah, I added it to my library of “super Widgets”. The hard part was the math to get the knobs to align in the center (in other words, not difficult at all). The main issue is to make sure they are large enough to give the bottom knob space to allow mouse interaction.

It will probably be a couple days before I post it, but I’m going to propose ‘x_’ as a community project. ‘x_’ is the tentative name for the cabbageCreate helper library.

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