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Creating Presets

Hey Folks,

I am trying to set up a preset box using the following code:
combobox bounds(178, 294, 100, 25), channel(“combobox”), populate("*.snaps")
filebutton bounds(116, 295, 60, 25), channel(“but1”), text(“Save”, “Save”), mode(“snapshot”)

The program will allow me to save one preset only but it then does not show up in the dropdown box.
Screen attached showing what I can see in the GUI

What version of Cabbage are you using? And OS? I’ve not had any issues with the preset system in a while… :thinking:

Latest version on OSX Mac Mojave. Apologies, should have included above.

Is a preset file being saved to disk? It should be in the same folder as the .csd file. There is only one file, but that file holds each preset…

It’s being saved in the same file as the main file. So above, the main file is PM Synth.csd and the snapshot is PM Synth.snaps or should there be another sub directory for this?

No, that should work. I’m wondering about the whitespace in the file name? Can you try renaming the csd file and trying again?

Unfortunately there’s no change with a different name. Might be best to try it on a windows version to eliminate that?

Can you attach the snaps files so I can take a look? Can you attach both files and send them to me. You can PM them if you want…

I see an issue here, thanks for reporting. I’ll try to get this sorted asap.

[edit] it seems that the preset system doesn’t like white spaces in channel names. If you replace “index 1” for “index1”, and the same for your other channels it should work. In the meantime I’ll try to sort this out.