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Csound Development VST - prints Csound instruments

Hi there! I have been working on a development tool for my project Algorythm Radio. This VST allows you to dial in a sound as normal, but then has a button that prints out the currently selected opcodes and settings, into a nice compact Csound instrument . This is not like the presets built into cabbage, it writes out your instrument as Csound code.

It is still very basic, some of the knobs don’t work, most of the filters don’t work, the envelopes are a bit weird, and it won’t print out the reverb section yet or most of the oscillator settings. But I assure you that some of it does actually work! :wink: I thought it would be good to show the basic idea behind it anyway.

If you’re interested in how it prints out the snapshots, it’s all in the “src/ARDevSynth_Snapshot.udo”, and is called from the main .csd between lines 475 and 487. The snapshots are save in the SnapsCS folder. (11.0 KB)

Now I’m gonna take this oportunity for a shameless plug of the project I’m making this for. I’m making a Random Music Generator app called Algorythm Radio. That is also still in development, but I have some examples of a few of the genres I am working on uploaded to the soundcloud, some of which are available on the website, both of which are linked bellow. Enjoy!

Sure you can’t spell plugin without spelling plug :wink:

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That’s a legit lol, not one of those whimsical lols you see splattered all over the internet that barely know what they’re meant to mean anymore, there was actual real out loud laughing involved in this bad boy!