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Csound filters demonstration

Anton Kholomiov posted some nice instruments to the Csound list today that show the subtle differences between Csound’s filters. I’ve ported his ‘dub-step’ filters examples it as a Cabbage instrument which you can try out here. It’s really quite interesting to hear the differences between the filters. I plan to port his other instruments when I get a chance.

CsoundFiltersWobble.csd (4.1 KB)

Here are some short sound files demonstrating the various filters.

dub-moogvcf.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-svfilter.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-vlowres.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-statevar.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-mvclpf3.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-rezzy.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-mvclpf2.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-mvclpf1.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-lpf18.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-moogladder.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-lowres.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-butterlp.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-clfilt.mp3 (706.1 KB) dub-bqrez.mp3 (706.1 KB)

p.s. You can learn more about Anton’s work with Csound here


beautiful tool! Thanks for having shared

I use this for learn how to implement this filter mode in my instruments… Thanks!