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Csound plugins in Cabbage

I am greatly appreciating the extended functionality of Csound that you get with the plugins ( I have installed the plugins in my regular csound install, but they don’t work within Cabbage - I get a syntax error. How do I fix this? Can I point Cabbage to using my regular install in some way?
Best, Andreas

Indeed, it’s quite a collection! Can you provide us with your OS and what version of Csound you’re using? I’ve not had any issues with them myself, but other have reported problems. Can you check that they work in plain old Csound from the command line?

Hi, it turned out that they didn’t work on normal csound either, for some reason (don’t know what I’ve done). And now after a re-install, they work both places. So, all good, and sorry about the fuzz :slight_smile:

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