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Csound Vs c++

How different is c++ audio programming from csound obviously the syntax is different but is the signal flow much the same ?

It’s chalk and cheese different.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but I will any way. Does each c++ class or function compare at all to an opcode so the oscillator or filter opcode work as a function and then the arguments or parameters become arguments or parameters of a function and then the opcode output on the left become the return value to the right🧐

First of all Csound is written in C, not C++, so there are no classes, hence there are no real class methods or functions. Looking through the Csound source code is the only way to learn about how it works. If you just want to write audio applications in C++ you should probably stay away from Csound altogether and just use a C++ audio library instead.