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Csound wrapper/plugin for Unreal Engine

Hey there,
mayby you can help me with finding informations about the ue4 wrapper. my goal for now is to control a self made synth with csound in unreal engine. the new audioengine is running fine, i just have no clue how to setup my own csound synth in UE4 :slight_smile: and sadly i cant find any usefull infos about that.

Any tips welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have an C/C++ knowledge? You will need it to use the Csound host API with UE4. My hands are tied with other projects at the moment, but Iā€™m happy to direct you. I wonder is @virtualHC has anything he can share?

yeah, i know a bit c/c++, im no pro though ^^ i am in touch with VirtualHC. thx :slight_smile:

Great. Hope it works out.