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Cubase 7.5 elements not recognising vst exported on os 10.9.5


I’ve made multiple attempts to export vsts with no luck. I’ve checked the csd file in the vst contents opens through cabbage and it’s fine. I’ve also exported some examples to check it wasn’t my code but that’s fine too.
Is this a known issue? Any fixes?

Are the exported examples working? I’ve not heard anyone having issues with this before. What version of Cabbage are you using?


Non of the examples work either, I’m using the latest release of cabbage 2.1.04.

Can you zip and upload on of your .vst bundle somewhere for me to try?

Will do! Thanks!

Did you get this to work? I’ve checked and it looks like Cabbage is built for versions 10.8 upwards, so I think it should work fine. Can you also check for other hosts such as Reaper or Live?