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Cubase not detecting cabbage vst export

Hi there,

Im new to cabbage and csound and have no idea where to put this.

I thought to start out with a simple delay plugin in cabbage. Works ok in cabbage, but when I try a vst export (both 32 and 64 bit) cubase doesn’t detect the vst3. The 32 bit is obviously not supported, yet jbridge doesn’t manage to make a 64 copy.
Audacity detects and opens but no gui or output.
I kept the csd and vst3 in the same folder.
I can’t think of many solutions more so thought to post it up here.



What OS are you on? And can you try with the latest beta version and report back?

p.s. first post :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

Os windows 10
Using cubase 11 and also latest 64 bit audacity.
Ill check on the beta version.
Thank you.

Small update:
Have cabbage 2.7.0 now. Still no plugin detected.

Forgot to mention that I use a separate computer for programming and music on the other hand, without cabbage or csound on that one.
Since that csd file is necessary in plugin export folder I’m thinking that could be the problem…

You need to have Csound installed on the PC you run your Cabbage plugins. That could be the issue.

So you went back a version from 2.8? Or is that a typo. The latest build is 2.8.113 I think…


I have the beta version 2.7.0 now, but the problem was not having csound on my music computer. It wasn’t really my intention to mix programming and music on 1 computer.
I guess I can uninstall cabbage on the music computer now.

Most will not encounter such a problem.

Anyway, thanks.

But the current beta is 2.8.113? If you have 2.7.0 you actually gone back a few releases…