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Custom image for black and white keys on keyboard widget?

Looking to create a more abstract aesthetic for the keyboard - possible to do custom images for the black and white keys? I suppose one could also use an array of buttons and create a custom keyboard too…

Hmm, that ain’t going to be so easy. The problem is that the keyboard control has an embedded viewport that one can scroll through when moving through the octaves. Almost all of the colours can be changed, but I guess you have something a little more abstract in mind?

You might get away with an image on top of the keyboard, but if you want users to scroll through octaves you might be in trouble… :thinking:

I just tried a simple experiment here, and you can just about wing it with an overlay. If you show only a window of the keyboard image you can even have it move with the native one. But one area that can’t be worked is the mouse over key colour change. And I think this is pretty important right?

Yeah - hmmm it’s OK I think. I might opt to build a system with buttons. That way they can also easily be altered to constrain to a particular key or mode that gets selected by the user…

not related to the keyboard but is it also possible at some point to integrate a web browser window? For instance, if I want to provide a dynamic “feed” of the catalog? I remember from my ios app dev days that there are some easily integrated web browser frameworks for displaying elements of a web page… but not sure how simple it would be in this case…

This could work. It depends on what kind of interactivity you want. It would be hard to recreate a MIDI keyboard using only buttons.

You can use a infobutton to load a URL. Would this work? I’ve tried embedding browsers into JUCE based applications in the past and it’s quite messy because each platform uses its own bespoke solution.

yeah, i was thinking of just using that. Will give it a shot.