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Custom range sliders

@hdale94 and I was discussing how bad the current range sliders look, and were trying to think of an easy way to customise their look. File strip don’t work with range sliders, nor do imgFile() identifiers. But fear not, where there a Cabbage, there’s a way :rofl:

This simple UDO places two images over a standard hrange that has its alpha value set to 0. The images have mouseinteraction(0) set, so one can interact with the widget underneath, i.e., the hrange. When a user moves the underlying hrange the images change bounds. In the instrument code we create a CustomHRange UDO for each slider.

Note we only pass the first part of the range slider channel, and always use Min and Max as the end of each channel name, for example slider1Min, slider1Max. This was easier than having to parse the slider channel. Full code here.

customRanges.csd (3.4 KB)

The animation is just eye-candy :wink: