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Custom Skins for End Users?

Hello Cabbage Community! I’m still relatively new to Cabbage and Csound. But I am having a lot of fun learning! :slightly_smiling_face:

However I have been curious. Is there a way to create a plugin that the End User can customize/skin? So far it appears to me that the SVG files get embedded. But I’d like it if I could supply the End User with a “skins” folder where they could edit the SVGs themselves if desired.

Plugins like Serum, Sektor, Surge, Camel Crusher, Dune, and Rapid does this for example.

Thank you for any help :blush:

Yes, this is absolutely possible @Kzz uses customised skinning in his plugins. All you need to do is update the images/colours when a user changes skin. FWIW, if I was to do this, I would try to fit as much as I can in background images so as to minimise the number of assets that need updating.

Thanks for your reply!

Where do the SVG files go after exporting? (I thought they was embedded into the plugin, but I may be wrong.)

Basically I want the SVG files to be similar to the CSD file after exporting, so the End User can open them and edit them if they like.

The SVG files can go wherever you like. On mac people normally put them into the plugin bundle, but on Windows they have to go into a system folder. You could create your own folder in a User’s home directory, and then use the USER_HOME_DIRECTORY reserved channel to find the path to the home folder.

Okay last night I was messing around and was able to get it working by exporting my VST Plugin. And then editing the CSD file to search for the image files in a custom dictionary beside the plugin.

(Probably not the most efficient way but it worked! :sweat_smile:)

I will go checkout the USER_HOME_DIRECTORY reserved channel in the manual to see how to set that up because that’ll be much easier.

Thank you very much for the help! :blush: