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De-clicking output


does anyone have any experience with de-clicking sound generated from opcodes, or the outgoing sound? I’m going to experiment with envelopes, but I’m not sure how a envelope works in a effect compared to a instrument.

Can you provide a simple example?

Of course!

Click Example.rar (1.5 MB)

I haven’t really used syncgrain much, but it appears to me the issue might be that you are setting the max number of overlaps to 1, and kprate to 1. But your kgrsize is only .5. Changing the max number of overlaps fixes the issues here. :+1:

You’re right, I guess in my case the issue is actually with the feedback. When I increase the feedback with a higher number of overlaps, it will create a pitched feedback. That’s why i capped the overlaps to a low number.

Test this one as a vst effect and push the feedback all the way up and you can hear it

Syncgrain Feedback.csd (1.4 KB)

Maybe there is no way around this? Or perhaps there is something about the feedback code?

That was why I was thinking of adding a envelope or something to smoothen this out, but not sure how I would use the envelopes in a effect

If you want proper feedback you’ll need to set ksmps to 1. I’m not hearing any issues with clicks in this one but I wonder about writing to the table like this. At some point when the next table contents is being written, the grain opcode might find a discontinuation in the table data, which might cause a click.

In these cases I usually look at how Iain does live granular processing in his instruments :wink:

I will test it tomorrow and check out the ones by Iain yeah :slight_smile:

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