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Default fonts?

OK, so I have synths and effects that use older Cabbage (pre-2.6) that look different when I open them in 2.6. Has the default font changed? I am ending up with lots of text on buttons that no longer fits and am seeing what appears to be some formatting changes? I have primarily used the legacy style.

For example, I am attaching two images–one of the earlier version and the second of what it looks like when I open up the same file in Cabbage 2.6

Just trying to sort out if there is a simpler way to make the necessary adjustments to be able to see everything again without re-coding tons of widget sizes. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Yes, some things did change when I introduced the custom font support. But I thought it was less drastic than this. Leave it with me. I will fix it on the Cabbage end. I certainly don’t want people to have to manually edit all their existing csd files after an upgrade.

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Thanks–I can manually adjust as well if needed, but will wait to see if there is a good work-around. I figure I can also manually insert typeface identifiers or make other adjustments if necessary. Thanks again for your help with this!

I just pushed a fix for this now. it was the ‘legacy’ styling that got overlooked in this change. Should be back to normal now. If you want to test it, you can find it here when it has finished building. Just click the artifacts button.

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Wonderful—works like a charm, many thanks (you just made me a very happy camper),

I was laughing at the idea of helping to make the font even smaller in you UI, I need a magnifying glass to read the labels as it is :rofl:

LOL, indeed! Maybe this explains why my eyesight continues to decline :wink:

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I will have to test it too, i have the same issue with ToneZ and I’d be glad if it could look like before ! (Until I do some major rebranding)

Is there an identifier I should use to get the legacy look ? (Including font style & size)

Use style("legacy")