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Delay works as standalone but not in Logic?

Hi! I am trying to make a delay plug-in but something is weird with the input. It will only allow me to use the built in Mac microphone when the plug-in is a standalone, and when I export as an AU plug-in the delay cannot be heard at all, though the input gain knob does.
Here is the CSD and it as a standalone also: (2.8 MB)
DraftyDelay2.csd (4.6 KB)

I’ve started from scratch and remade this plug-in multiple times changing inch to ins, trying new outputs but whenever I’ve attempted this Logic either won’t play audio through the plug-in when I add the plug-in to a track, or Logic won’t recognise the plug-in at all. So I think my code may have some kind of bug.
Any help with how I can fix the issue would be really appreciated!

You can’t access the inputs in global space like this afaik, you have to do it within an instrument. Right now all we hear is instrument 1 because you don’t even start instr 2? Are you new to Csound?

p.s. welcome to the forum btw, good to have you!

Hi! thanks for replying! Yes I am kind of new to Csound. I am one of Dr B’s students and I started learning about Csound in July this year.
What do you mean I don’t start instrument 2?
I edited the instrument slightly and so here the delay works in Cabbage, but still when I export to AU, Logic won’t open it.
Thanks for the help - I really appreciate it!

Here is the edited version
DraftyDelaykikiv2.csd (4.6 KB)

Instrument 2 doesn’t run. It does not perform. It’s never started. Check out your score section. In there you will find a score statement that turns on instrument 1. But there is no score statement for instrument 2, ergo it never starts. Check out this link. Might be a bit basic for you, but it’s no harm to refresh the basics now and then :+1:

Well, you’re in good hands! Richard is a great friend of Cabbage :wink:

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