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Demonstration of concept... for everyone!

Ok, I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now, and have had a rush of work done. But, before I get too deep, I wanted to get some feedback on how this might be useful. Alright, let me explain.

I’m working on a library of opcodes that allow us to build a graphical interface without having to wade through print statements (all of that is hidden) or having to worry about calculating bounding boxes. Another goal is to provide consistency in how everything looks. Ultimately, a goal is to make it appear that you never used this library to create your interface, as the last stage before you release your instrument is to “export” the flattened Cabbage widget code (this way you don’t need to waste the memory on my onetime use library).

So, the purposes of this demonstration is both practical and frivolous. All it shows you is that the software can handle all the generation of the bounding boxes, while also allowing you to change the size of the cabbage form in your program, and have everything repeatable at the new size.

All you should need to do is unpack the attached zip file and run it in Cabbage. (8.4 KB)

PS! This all assumes you are using cabbageCreate to generate your widgets…

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That’s a neat little demo! So you pass floating point numbers to your UDO that represent their size in relation to the overall form?

I’ve actually got it set up to pass arrays that represent bounding boxes. I’ve got several different opcodes that can split the bounding boxes into smaller chunks.

The next demo, while probably not the type of animation, but it’s going to show how to use these bounding boxes and populate them with widgets.

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Cool and very unique!

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