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Display changing ftable with 'gentable'


I’m developing an opcode right now, where an ftable is re-written every k-time. For visualization purposes I thought of using cabbage, as it has a lovely GUI and with gentable its easy to display the content of a ftable. However, I don’t manage that the display is updated when the opcode has changed the f-table. Is this even possible, or is the display only at itime?

Best wishes,

Take a look at File->Examples->Misc->SimpleTable.csd to see how this can be done. Each time a slider changes value the function table is redrawn. You could use a similar mechanism to update yours, but there is no way you can update on each k-cycle without some serious lag. The best thing to do would be to sample versions of the table at a lower rate. This should work fine. Let me know if you hit any problems.

Thanks for the hint!
I looked at this example and actually the panel there also isn’t updated. Using Cabbage 2.1.03. on Mac Osx 10.14. Any settings I need to adjust?

That’s odd. That version should work. Are you sure the audio settings are valid? Do you hear a tone when your after the instrument? Can you set the audio settings to 44100 and see if that helps?

I just tested this on OSX, and found that my audio setting’s sample rate was different to the one set in the Csound orchestra. Once they are set to the same value it works fine. I will remove the sr assignment in the example file so as not to confuse people in the future.