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Dll and csd in separate folders

how i can manage to read csd from defined folder? not same as dll.


What OS are you on?

on linux now, but interested also how to do it in windows.

On Linux you can put .csd files into:


On Windows:


cool got it. to put into custom folder i need pro version? or it possible with some simple hack

The pro version also uses /usr/share and C:/ProgramData, but the folder name changes from CabbageAudio to one of your choosing.

You are free to hack the Cabbage source code, but you are required to publish your changes. The simplest thing to do is fork the repository, make all the changes you want, and then push them back to your public fork. This will satisfy the terms of the GPL license. :+1:

thanx for fast reply, would like to get pro , but not easy time for artists now)

I know. PM me and we can have a chat about it. :wink:

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