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Do Cabbage VSTS work on computers that don't have CSound installed?

Do Cabbage VSTS work on computers that don’t have CSound installed?

Csound is required. But if you want to distribute your plugins to other users you can simply create an installer that ships with Csound.

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Nice, thank you!

I’ll post the steps needed to bundle Csound tomorrow. It’s pretty simple.


hi , did you post them somewhere in the end?

I updated the Docs but I never posted the steps, although they are still the same. On OSX you can either install Csound along with your plugins, or include the Csound framework in your plugin resources folder and then relink the plugin binary to it. On Windows you will need to install Csound alongside the plugin. If you are au fait with compiling and building software, you can build a custom version of Csound, and then link Cabbage to that when you build it. OSX is definitely the easiest platform to bundle Csound for. Windows is a bit of a pain, but if you stick with you will get there in the end.

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