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Does this code make sense

trying top get some oscillators up and running with the end goal of having multiple operators

kDetuneA = chnget "detuneA"

aOut vco2 p5, p4 * kDetuneA

aLpf moogladder aOut, kcf1, kres1

aHpf bqrez aLpf, xfco1, xres1

kaEnv madsr .1, .2, .6, .4

outs aOut*kaEnv, aOut*kaEnv

It looks like you might need to edit your post to format it correctly.

Edit your post, then select the code, and hit the </> button in the row of icons at the top of the edit window.

Hopefully the edited code makes more sense

The question is really were am I going wrong

Try kDetuneA chnget "detuneA" instead.

Also consider using guiMode("queue") with cabbageGetValue in place of chnget

Check out this overview of traditional vs functional syntax. You can write this two ways:

kDetuneA chnget "detuneA"


kDetuneA = chnget:k("detuneA")

You see people mix these two approaches all the time, even though they both equate to the same thing.