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Drag & Drop Midi Plugin with Cabbage

Looking to implement a sort of drag and drop system for generating midi from a VST into a DAW, it’s a bit away getting to that stage with the plugin at the moment, but thought I’d see if it was possible.
I’m making a midi generation plugin, so the user enters a few parameters which work as the rules for generating a melody (and later, chord accompaniment) and when the user hits generate, it writes a midi file with the generated melody.
It’s a pretty minor thing, but I’d like for the user to be able to not have to go into explorer to import the generated midi file, as I’m kind of going for a “one-knob”-esque approach to designing the plugin.
Any ideas if there’s any way of doing this? either through being able to drag and drop the file, or through automatically writing this midi to a channel in the DAW (I have seen a few plugins that do this but admittedly don’t dabble a huge amount in using midi generation plugins).
Cheers, hope I’m not being too vague,

I can’t think of any way that you could drag and drop the MIDI file you generate from a plugin to the DAW. But I think outputting a stream of MIDI notes would be a better idea anyway as it’s so easy to capture them in realtime as they are being created.