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Dynamically changing colors in plugin with a colorpicker?

So, you can use cabbageSet to change any property of a defined widget, including colors.
Could there be a way to make a “colorpicker” of sorts for choosing RGB values, instead of directly inputting an HTML color code or separate RGB values?
I imagine it would be some copious work in a XY-pad with a background resembling a colorpicker that hopefully matches the true values lol.
I would simply use it by toggling its visibility with the press of a button and call cabbageSet each time changed of the XY-pad equals one.

Interesting challenge. I guess you could use a slider for each RGB value. Something like this:

colourPicker.csd (1.1 KB)

You could probably do with with a mouse press too. I imagine you would need to create a colour wheel image, and grab the pixel array from it. Then when a user presses a pixel, you\d check it against that of the array. It would be a lot more work, but should be possible.

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