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Edit mode not working

From the documentation I see that Cabbage provides an “Edit Mode” for GUI editing, but it doesn’t work for me. I click Edit mode from the menu, or press Ctrl+E, but not coggle icons appear.

Is Edit mode expected to work on the current stabe binary for Windows?

Yeah sure it does. I use it all the time. When you enter edit mode, right click on your instrument and add a widget:

Just go from there then in terms of editing.

p.s. I usually just click the plugin window and hit ctrl-e to enter edit mode…

That’s what I’m doing, as you can see from the video below. In that video I’m clicking the menu item and Ctrr+E, but nothing seems to happen…

No sorry, you need to right click on the plugin window. First, launch your instrument so that the plugin window shows. Then enter edit mode, then right-click on the plugin window to add widgets :wink:

Ok, however I’m facing strange behaviours:

  • I open the instrument GUI -> click the “Edit mode” menu item (Ctrl+E doesn’t work) -> I see the hatched border around GUI items (but not gear icon as in your video)
  • I click the Edit mode again but I’m still in edit mode. I have to restart Cabbage to revert to normal mode

If you try the shortcut, the code editor must be in focus. Sorry, I got that wrong earlier! That gif uses a slightly older version of Cabbage, the gear cog has been replaced I think with a new icon.

Just hit Ctrl+S. Saving an instrument takes you back to ‘performance’ mode. FWIW, here I can hit the pencil and rule icon again to move back out of edit mode? I will try later on Windows. Btw, what version of Cabbage are you using?

It’s 2.3.0
Clicking the pencil and rule icon with the instrument GUI visible actually toggles edit mode.

By the way if I click the Edit mode menu item (or the Ctrl+E shortcut) it isn’t toggled.
If they are meant to do the same thing I guess they should be synchronised and produce the same result

Agreed. I’ll look into fixing that when i get a chance.