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Effect: Double Down

This is a pretty basic vocal doubler effect with stereo spread. Simple vdelay, nothing fancy… but still useful.

DoubleDown.csd (6.8 KB)

Minuscule update, but uploading it anyway… here’s v 2.1.

  • Added DEL_PORT_TIME so delay and bypass can have different portamento times.
  • Effect widgets hide when bypassed
  • Removed “clip” opcode from quickclip leaving only limiting
  • Fxed debug preprocessor setup in prep for IS_A_PLUGIN

DoubleDown_v2.1.csd (7.3 KB)

Thanks for posting. Screenshots and sound samples would be nice :wink:

Screenshots would be easy enough, I’ll probably start adding those to my posts (including retroactive). Not sure about samples… but maybe.

I’m going back and releasing “maintenance updates” for most of my old recipes. These are just minor bug fixes to keep them running with current csound and cabbage versions. Enjoy!

DoubleDown_v2.2.csd (7.4 KB)