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Effect: Flanged

Flanged.csd (25.1 KB)

This is a full featured flanger that can sync to host tempo, internal tempo, or run in Hz mode. Waveform playback can be set to resync to host playback, and phase sets where in the waveform to resync to, so you can dial in exactly the sound you want. Delay can be run in mono mode (still stereo audio channels, but both have same delay time) or stereo mode (inverted L+R delay times).

Waveform for delay is selectable, and editable in real time via sliders. A custom waveform can easily be added to the code in 3 steps, which is documented inline in the code. Current position in the waveform is displayed in real time, along with min and max delay times represented.

This is really nice instrument. Really this is the last word on flangers, you’ll never need another flanger!
One thing I’d like to ask is that it isn’t possible to move the pop-up editor for waveforms. I am not sure how you have done this as pop-ups in my own examples are movable (maybe it was something you intended?). Anyway, it’s not a big problem, just that sometimes, depending on where the main window is positioned, it obscures the waveform changing. I just close the pop-up and move the main window.

Thanks Iain, I’m glad you like it! Being the “last word on flangers” was exactly the goal I set out with when writing this one. I wanted it to be able to do anything and everything possible. If anyone finds something it can’t do that they’d like it to, please let me know!

The window position thing is/might be a cabbage issue that honestly I have gotten so used to working around, I forgot all about it. I am not intentionally making that window position static, and you should be able to move it… but yes, I also noticed it doesn’t move normally.

Instead of grabbing it from the top of the window, grab from the black bar at the bottom… that should allow you to drag and move it. Thanks for reminding me tho, I do need to look at why this is happening to my popups… it seems to be something I’m doing different, maybe having a groupbox/plant in the window messes it up?

I’m going back and releasing “maintenance updates” for most of my old recipes. These are just minor bug fixes to keep them running with current csound and cabbage versions. Enjoy!
Flanged_v1.1.csd (25.1 KB)