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Effect: Shaped Up

ShapedUp.csd (30.3 KB)

This is a flexible waveshaping distortion based on distort opcode with filtering available before and after the distortion. It is fully capable of subtle distortions, or mangling a sound beyond all chances of recognition. The common wave shapes are available, and then modifiable with sliders (hidden under the customize button).

Directions are included inline in the comments to add your own custom wave shapes, the tables are generated with ftgentmp and need to be length 1024. Values in the table will be hard limited to a min of -1 and max of 1, so normalize your tables when you create them or they will be clipped.

If anyone has any good shapes to add, please reply here!

This is a BARELY updated version, just to make this effect cabbage2 compatible for testing/discussion of replacing ftables that’s going on in this thread: Ftgen memory allocation

A newer better version of this effect is in the works, this is just temporary :slight_smile:

ShapedUp1.1.csd (30.6 KB)

Hello @t_grey,

This is a great effect ! I adopt it :grin:
I just plug it after my morpheur synth with Cabbage patcher…
There is one liitle error in your code line 456 : an extra $ at $$W_SAW

  elseif (ishape==$W_TRIANGLE) || (ishape==$W_SQUARE) || (ishape==$$W_SAW) || (ishape==$W_RSAW) then

Hope this helps.

Interesting… I wonder if this might be csound version dependent… I’m running on a slightly older version, because 6.09 introduced some issues for me and I’m holding off for a new release (or getting homebrew working again). It compiled and ran with no issues for me on 6.07. I’ll make a note to fix that for the future version tho, thanks!

I’m glad you like it! I realized after posting it that the popup doesn’t work quite perfectly in C2… oops. Once it’s closed it never comes back… apparently in C1 popups could never be closed, only minimized?

Since I’m doing that totally different in the new version, I might just leave it as is for now.

I agree, depending on which beta of Csound 6.09 you use, different problems might occur. I hope developpers might soon release a stable version.
About cabbage 2, Rory has made tremendous improvements these last weeks but still it seems that the behaviour is not necessarily the same depending on the OS (linux or windows) you work with, especially filepath and soundfilers and presets :wink: .
But we are getting there.

I’m going back and releasing “maintenance updates” for most of my old recipes. These are just minor bug fixes to keep them running with current csound and cabbage versions. Enjoy!
ShapedUp_v1.2.csd (30.6 KB)