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Emoji text support?

This is probably the silliest question I’ve had yet… but how difficult would it be to have support for emoji characters in text fields? I tried in OSX, to no avail… a brief search made it sound like JUCE supports it, but it’s a matter of font selection to get it working? I’m not really sure how accurate that is, it was also a rather old thread discussing it.

I know there are a few decent audio and music related emojis (a mute symbol immediately comes to mind) that could be useful. And who doesn’t want a “laughing to tears” button on an effect? :joy:

I’d need to add support for a font that can display them. The current doesn’t support them. I’ll add it to the list of things, but it’s kind of low priority!

Yeah, not very important… I was just looking for creative ways to label buttons in a more space saving fashion, and that was one of my ideas.

But it is probably a good move towards future-proofing for kids these days! :man_white_haired:

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Speaking of fonts, is it possible to change the font used in a UI? or is it a case of using images for labels etc.

The font is fixed for now, although I do have some code lying around that loads other fonts. I was having some issues implementing it, but from what I remember if shouldn’t be that tricky. I will take another look.

I’m sure there a bigger fish to fry in your life atm. No biggie!