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Encoder - min/max

I noticed a strange behaviour of the encoder widget that seems like a bug.

  1. moving the widget with a mouse causes properties min(0), max(0) to be set automatically
    I’m using the encoder without setting limits to have unlimited range
  2. retrieving the min and max properties with cabbageGet gives me 0 values when I don’t set those value and the encoder works as intended without limits. But if I set the limits to 0, then the encoder has no range (no effect). So, it seems that cabbageGet reads wrong values in this case.

What’s the correct way to set the limits?

Thanks Samo, I’m currently working through another few issues/bugs, I’ll add this to the list!

Has this been addressed?
I just noticed that encoder is causing plugin to crash (no more audio) in Reaper when I select “Reset to factory default”. No issue if I remove the encoder, so it seems reasonable to blame it.
This might be related to the above issue?

Added to the list :+1: