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Endless encoder cannot be automated by daws

I would like to report something that seems to be a bug. Or maybe I am missing something.

Hi, I’ve tried to use an endless enconder and the parameter appears in the plugin’s parameter list but it can’t be automated on the host, I’ve tried it in Cubase and Ableton and the same thing happens in both. I have tried to add the “automatable” identifier with a value “1” but still the same.

This an interesting one. Because endless encoders don’t have a finite range, they cannot be automated but let me take a look. I could set them up in a such a way that they can be automated if users set a min/max value? It might take a bit of work but I’ll look into it first thing next week.

I think if endless encoders are available for use in plugin control interfaces it would be nice to be able to automate them also or use them with a hardware controller. The behaviour I would expect is that they could be automated between the established minimum and maximum range. But I understand that, on the other hand, since they have an infinite range, their operation must be more complicated than rotary sliders.

I just checked this now, and it seems to work fine for me, with the caveat that the range is between 0 and 1. I will try to amend this now so that min() and max() set the range.

I just pushed a fix for this. Now the min() and max() values set the automation range. You can access the new build here when it’s ready.

It`s good to know that the endless encoders could have been improved, from what I see in the video now it works in a good way.