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Error installing on Pop!_OS 21.04

I have problms after installing on Pop!_OS 21.04
This message shows after ran it

Cabbage: symbol lookup error: Cabbage: undefined symbol: csoundLoadPlugins

Any ideas?

Hi, donno about POP, on Manjaro im just unpacking deb file and running Cabbage from bin folder.

Hi @Vladimir_Zurita, this sounds like an issue with your Csound install. Can you run Csound from the terminal and see that it is 6.15 or higher? If it is not you will need to build the latest version. Cabbage should run find after that.

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I build csound from source and now all is fine!

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For what it’s worth, the in the linux download still says:

Also note that it must be at least version 6.13 or higher.

On Ubuntu 21.04, I am only able to install 6.14 by default.

Thanks, I’ll sort that for the next release. And thanks for the Rack related PRs :+1:

Not surprisingly, this is a problem on Ubuntu 21.10 as well.

I tried to find a more recent package via the pre-beta link but could not find it in the CI dashboard.

There are no recent packages for Csound, you’ll have to build yourself from source. The Linux package maintainer for Csound has to step down due to other commitments. It’s a pity, he was doing a great job. :sob: