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Error: Sliding version not yet available

Hi there. It’s been a while.

Yesterday I was in audio engineering class and we revisited in depth the concept of aliasing, and i got the idea to make an effect that intentionally mirrors the frequencies of a signal past a given frequency that the user determines. I thought it would be very interesting for experimental sound design, and got right to work. I made my research, planned exactly how I would do it using the real time spectral processing opcodes i found on the csound manual, and got right to work on the interface just to get the basic controls out of the way, although I got a bit too excited and just straight up made the whole UI :rofl:. The thing is, once I set up the most basic thing i needed (the pvsanal opcode that converted the signal to a fsig and the pvsadsyn opcode which converts it back to an audio signal) I got an error that I can’t find info about anywhere nor understand for the life of me. I haven’t even done any processing to the signal yet, it’s literally just converting it to an f type signal and then back to a.

Here’s the error:

INIT ERROR in instr 1 (opcode pvsadsyn) line 338: Sliding version not yet available
from file /Users/kirejam/Documents/Cabbage_Plugins/SpectralMirror.csd (1)
aout1 pvsadsyn finit1 22051 #k122 0 1 0
B 0.000 - note deleted. i1 had 1 init errors

Here’s the code file (most of it is literally the interface system, it’s a lil complex cuz i got too excited optimizing it :joy: you can pretty much ignore the first 200 lines of inst 1)
SpectralMirror.csd (18.0 KB)

You fft parameters are kind of odd? You have awindow size of 0 to 1, and the same with your overlap sizes? Fix these and it should work fine. The ‘sliding’ referred to here is a special brand of sliding DFT that has been in Csound for years, but remains somewhat experimental as far as I can tell. It seems that if you have an extremely small overlap, Csound will default to sliding DFT mode, which you don’t want. If you fix your FFT parameters I think you should be fine.