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Errors in FileStretcher.csd

Hi, there is some error about “date” opcode.
Ande when i try to load a file nothing is loaded and visualized in the wavefrom display.
Other file loading related csd i tried are working and load correctly wav files.

Csound output message console
UnifiedCSD: C:\Program Files\Cabbage\Examples\FilePlayers\FileStretcher.csd
Creating options
Creating orchestra
closing tag
Creating score

error: syntax error, unexpected T_IDENT (token “date”) from file C:\Program Files\Cabbage\Examples\FilePlayers\FileStretcher.csd (1)
line 245:

iDate date <<<
Unexpected untyped word iDate when expecting a variable
Parsing failed due to invalid input!
Stopping on parser failure
cannot compile orchestra

Thanks Alfonso. I published a new release yesterday that might help with the waveform display issue. I’ll have to look into the date issue, that’s odd, perhaps it’s not being added to the Csound installer for Windows. I’ll look into it. Do the date examples from the Csound manual work from the command line, sans Cabbage?

Hi @alfonso_santimone, just tried this here and I’m also seeing an issue with the waveform display not showing anything, but I don’t have problems with the date opcode. I’ll take a look a look at the waveform display as soon as I get a chance.

Hi Rory ive got those waeform GUI problems with 2.1.03. I have the [date] issue in Cabbage even if i try the code from [date] csound user manual. I’ll try it in commandline Csound as soon as i have some time in the next days.

I can’t think why you’re hitting issue with date. Can you try re-installing Csound? I fixed the issue with the FileStrecther instrument. I was a typo on the line declaring the filebutton widget. Here’s the updated file.