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Export as StandAlone Application

WOW. I had no idea. It is working AWESOME on the latest macOS Catalina. I plan to show it in class at Berklee this week. But, there is something that you might be able to help with - or offer some advice - or is possibly a bug.

When I export an effect - like StuckBuffer or pvsBlur or bounceDelay or … to a StandAlone App, by default when one opens the “app” version a warning appears that the built-in mic is turned off to prevent a feedback loop and a little settings button appears.

Problem is… you can’t turn on the built-in mic.

  • if it is selected
  • if the audio is unmuted

no input.

I will try with an audio interface in a bit, but maybe there is an option that let’s me build with the internal mic on - or… a way to save and reload the state with the mic on?

Just tested on another Mac laptop - running Mojave.

  • and set the app to use the Apogee Duet Audio Interface
  • and set the microphone to be a USB Mic
  • and saved “bounceDelay” as a StandAloneApplication

Launches with Input Audio Muted

  • unmute doesn’t matter or work
  • choosing another audio input doesn’t work

Hope you can suggest a setting or fix or approach.


Hi Richard, I’m surprised you got this far with it :laughing: It’s quite a new feature, and relatively untested. I’m happy to give it a little love over the next few days and see if I can sort those issues.

It’s working fine for me here Richard. I suspect this is an issue with Catalina. :thinking: I’m hesitant to upgrade. Each time I upgrade my Mac I end up spending weeks trying to get things to run again. :frowning:

[edit] I have a few mac based jobs to do in the next week or so. I can’t chance upgrading until I have them completed. I’ll get back to you once I have upgraded :wink: