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Export as VCV error message

When exporting as VCV rack module (I need reverbsc everywhere :slight_smile: ) I have the following error window message:

usr/bin/CabbageRack/ cannot be found?
It should be in the Cabbage root folder

What am I missing?

You’ll need to build the CabbageRack extension yourself. Once it’s built you can place the CabbageRack folder in that location and it should be Ok. Let me know if you have problems building…

What flavor of Linux are you using?

Either way, you should follow more or less the same instructions as one does on OSX:

curl -L -o ‘
unzip -q

Then clone the CabbageRack folder and copy it to Rack-SDK/CabbageRack, then…

cd Rack-SDK
cd CabbageRack
make -f Makefile.lin clean
make dist -f Makefile.lin

That should do it :wink:

Super, works like a charm!
just changed the last command to make without flags (had this at the end: make: *** […// dist] Error 127) to compile without errors.
Thank you very much Sir!

Great. Happy to hear people are using it :wink: