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Export Plug in as VST

38 PM

Hey Rory,

I cant export my synth as a plugin, Reaper wont recognize it and I keep getting this message:

Can’t copy plug in lib, is it currently in use?

Are you on OSX? Is the Reaper opened? Can you export to a different location? What version of Cabbage?

I figure it out… I changed my pluginID to pluginid (all lower case) and it worked

Oh yeah, that’ll help! Glad you got it sorted.

Hi Rory,

I’m recording using a midi keyboard through my synth but it’s not recording anything I change on the synth just the midi notes… is there something I’m missing in my code? Or would it be a preference thing?

Can you give a little more information? Is Reaper not recording the changes you make to the parameters? AFAIK, you need to set the correct automation mode when recording. A quick google search should help. I don’t really use DAWs, so I’m not the best person to advise. But let me know if you can’t find the solution…

Hi Rory,

Yes, set the automation to latch. :+1:t2: