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Export standalone - resizing and file names

I just noticed some buggy behaviour while exporting to standalone app.
None of this is critical to me but worth noting since it might cause some other issue down the line.

  • app crashes when on 175% - try the resize example csd
    It however wont crash if in widget set-up value other then 3 is used, e.g. combobox bounds(8, 364, 60, 14), mode("resize"), value(5)

  • it seems that export doesn’t like names with a dot, e.g. name_v3.1. It is OK to rename the file after it has been exported but it wont show the GUI window if it has a “bad” name from the start.

  • a buggy app seems to get flagged and one needs to delete the app before exporting a new one with the same name - just overwriting doesn’t seem to resolve a dysfunctional app - however this behaviour seems sporadic.

  • btw. unrelated, but delete Cabbage app is required to revert to older Cabbage betas - maybe these two behaviours are related?

I’m currently on MacOS 10.14.6 and Cabbage 2.7.13

The resizing stuff only works for plugins, not standalone, and not when run in the Cabbage IDE.

Ok, I imagine this is something to do with file extension parsing. Seems that adding a few ‘.’ in the name will confuse Cabbage. I can take a look when I get a chance.

Ok, I didn’t know this. Strange, but thanks for letting us know. I wonder if it’s because you’re on 10.14.