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Export to VST3 on Linux

I am not much of a programmer, just a Linux audio aficionado

Using the latest Cabbage, when exporting to VST2 is successful, however when exporting to VST3 seems to simply create a VST2 rather than an actual and recognizable VST3.

since JUCE VST3 on Linux is now running well and I’ve been able to build a host of plugins that run well natively in Bitwig, Waveform, Carla, qtractor and Reaper

Am I doing something wrong or is the VST3 export in Linux still needing some tweaking?

Too be honest I was waiting till Juce had sorted its VST3 issues before looking into this. I’m glad to hear things are running better now. I’ll take a look and see what’s going on :+1:

Thanks. Much appreciated.

I have been able to build OB-xD VST3 using Juce 6
Dexed and Odin2 have also now moved over to JUCE 6 and builds VST3 too

Linux and VST3 is looking pretty stable now

Looks like the version of JUCE I’m using doesn’t have the best support for Linux VSTs. Are you building Cabbage yourself from source?

I’ve had limited success building Cabbage. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Currently am using the pre-built Cabbage v2.5.0

You’d have to use JUCE6 for Linux VST3

Yes, it looks like JUCE 6 is much better at handling VST on Linux. I don’t currently use JUCE6, but you could have a go at compiling yourself if you wish.