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Exporting a VST with Sidechain

So I mentioned before I was looking at trying to get a plugin with sidechain input for Cubase sorted, but decided to bite the bullet and test it on 64 bit Ableton!
Tested it, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get a “key” input or a sidechain in option in my VST.
Have tried using channel 3 as the sidechain source, but not quite sure how Ableton handles this, also tried sending from the output of one channel into the input of the one with the plugin on it, but no luck :frowning:

It’s definitely something so simple I’m gonna kick myself for, but any ideas on how to go about doing this?
(Also, I AM using the inch opcode, I assume that’s correct, seems to be used in the examples I can find of a similar thing)


I’m not sure about 3 channel plugins. Might be best to try 4 channel and then use only the left of the second stereo pair. I know I’ve done some side chaining stuff before with Cabbage. I’m away for a few days but can try it early next week so we know for sure :blush:

Hiya, actually got it sorted but am running into an error where the plugin in stereo mode decides its always going to filter out high frequencies no matter what, which is fun and also v nice :)))
Was lookin for the delete button on this post earlier cause I sussed it, can try again there, or for anyone in future curious literally use nchnls = 4 and then route to 3/4 for your sidechain in, and handle that in the code, guide for how to do it in Ableton here xxx

Btw, @Syl_Morrison, I’m still trying to look for a way of enabling deleting post, but on the other hand, it forces users to report how they fixed the issue, which is always helpful for others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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