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Exporting of standalone applications

I’ve added a new export option to the latest beta packages. You can now export standalone versions of your instruments, which end-users can double click to start. The standalone wrapper simply hosts a single instrument, while providing simple audio/MIDI IO options as well as a way of saving and recalling states. It also writes a user preference file to the appropriate prefs folder on your system in order to remember the audio IO configurations.

The new betas can be found in the usual place. Just click the latest build and select the artifacts link on the top right.

Very nice feature! Very useful!

But for the moment there is the same distortion problem than in Cabbage Lite, when using multichannel output.

Arghh, you’re right. I had it working fine on my local builds :thinking: I’ll take a look. Thanks for testing. I’ll try to get you another one soon.

You have also to be prepared for the conference!
(but maybe this kind of distortion is ok for some guitar pedals)

Ha, actually, that paper was submitted by an UG student of mine who was kind enough to put my name on it :laughing: Will you be attending? I’m still not 100% sure I can make it… :pensive:

I would like, but I’m not sure if I have time.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us in that case! I’m trying to figure out what’s going wrong with the standalone export. It works fine for me locally. I just pushed a small mod that should be ready in about an hour. Perhaps something went bananas with that last build. I’ll let you know.

What would be more than fantastic (in the future maybe?) is to include CsoundLib64 into the app, so it would be totally standalone.

That would be useful, no doubt. It’s also quite simple to do for end-users, so it probably won’t be on the top of my list of things to do for a while. The easier of all would be to simply add an optional install of Csound to the installer you build for the package. But yes, it would be nice. Agreed :wink:

Can you try this one. Note that you mst have the same number of inputs selected as outputs. I will look into removing this little quirk, but if I select my 8 analog inputs, alongside my 8 analogue outputs and restart it works fine, and does so each time I open it from thereon in. Let me know.

Sorry, still distortion.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce it here. Let me take another look. Are all channels producing equal output, or are some producing more than others?

I will look when I am at home this late evening, here I have no external sound card.

There is another strange problem (on all new versions):
When for any reason a .scd file don’t load, all others that worked before will not start (and don’t show up in the patcher), and this, until I restart the computer.

Some examples never work: instruments/drum machines.
But I can export them with the new “export as standalone application” and then they work when I start them as an application.

Can you give me more info, what do you mean doesn’t load? I’ve never seen a .csd file fail to load, you mean not play, because of say a syntax error? Can you give me a more concrete set of steps I can follow to recreate it?

Thanks for the heads up. They are working Ok, but you need to tweak some parameters to get them going, which is certainly not the way Iain intended them to be used. I’ll try to sort that asap.

OK, I tested the output of my exported 4 channel patch. There are only channels 1 and 2 that sounds, but with about half of the volume (according to my ears, I have actually noting connected that can measure it)

Would you mind taking a screenshot of your audio settings? I’m struggling to recreate the issue here. My fireface device has a mixer software where I can see the audio levels. Everything seems fine to me. Note that in this example, I’m only using 4 channels. Although I have coded outch for channels 4 to 8, they are ignored due to nchnls.

The first is with Cabbage, the second with the Standalone App
(but there is the same problem when using Scarlett18i8)

I tested also the same version on Windows. Problems are identical in Cabbage Lite, and it is not possible to export as a Standalone App (CabbagePlugin.exe cannot be found? It should be in the Cabbage root folder)

And in Windows the examples work.
And on my mac also, now. But not my piece anymore. Understand nothing!

I’m understanding less and less here too! I am finding it next to impossible to recreate your problems. Let me try on Windows a little later and get back to you. I was asking for a screen shot of the Cabbage Audio Settings window, just in case I can spot something amiss there…

I just tried here on Windows, and it’s working fine. Note that I HAVE to restart after I selected the correct inputs and outputs, just as I do on OSX. If I don’t, I get only two channels of audio instead of 4. or 8 or whatever. I’m just pushed an updated build to Azure. This one should have the standalone, which is easy to spot, it’s called CabbagePlugin.exe and it should be in the root folder. I’ve also added ASIO options to this one. The build I’m referring to is here. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to test, I’ll test it myself in the morning :wink: