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Exporting Sample Player as AU for Logic

Hi Rory,

I hope you are having a good day! Recently I made a sample player with the ability to play two samples and the option to drag n drop. However I am having difficulty having it to show up in Logic Pro. I put the AU exported plug-in inside the components folder, I’ve tried exporting as AU synth and AU midi effect, which neither would show up… I do have other cabbage exported instruments appear in Logic properly, do you know what could be the reason and how can I solve it?



Do these exports use a unique plugin ID? They should, otherwise Logic will not recognise them. You may also need to code sign them as Logic will not open any plugins that have not been code signed. You can adhoc codesign using the following command (updating the path so it points to your component)

codesign -s - ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Component/myPlugin.component --timestamp --deep --force

Finally, after doing this, you may need to clear your AU cache. I’m not going to give you a command for this as if you get it wrong, you can end up deleting more than your AU cache. Instead, browse to ~/Library/Caches and look for the AudioUnit cache folder. Delete it, and then try opening Logic again. If your plugin still don’t show up, open the Logic plugin manager and do a scan there. Then post me the output relating to your component. :+1: