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Failed AU validation on Logic Pro X

Is anyone having issues with the Audio Unit validation on Logic?
The same plugin in AU format works in Ableton Live 10, but it gives an error in Logic (receipt attached).
I am using Logic 10.5.1 (build 5299) and Cabbage 2.4.0.

AU_Failed_Validation.txt (5.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!

That’s an odd one. I guess the first thing to try is the latest beta:
@Andy.Fillebrown have been working on getting auval to play nicely with Cabbage so this version might work. If not, can you post the .csd file? Or does this happen when you try any of the examples?

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I updated to the latest version of Cabbage (20200924.3) and removed the AU caches, the new version validates and works like a charm, many thanks!!!
The only issue right now is recalling parameters when reopening a project or saving a preset, everything goes to the default values in the GUI.
Any thoughts on this?

No, but it’s something I can look into, which I will when I get a chance. AUs are a real inigma at times.

That is a persisting error I am experiencing both with AUs and VSTs, will test if the same happens with the Cabbage examples.
EDIT: The examples do recall the parameters when saving a project, my plug-ins do not, all built using the same version of Cabbage.

Can you send me a simple file that reproduces this issue?

[edit] I can reproduce this issue with AUs in Logic, but VSTs appear to be working fine. It looks Apple might have changed something in the AudioUnit API. I’m looking into it.

Yeah, I see a commit to the JUCE source about this very issue:

Only Cabbage is using version 5.4.7. I don’t think this fix is in that version. I’ll update and see if that fixes it.

[edit] actually that ‘fix’ made it into the version Cabbage uses. Hmm, must be something else at play then…

Right, this wasn’t an obvious one. Basically you must run some audio through an effect, or some MIDI through a synth before the plugin will register parameter changes. So when I simply dropped an AU plugin onto a track, made some changes and saved, Logic wasn’t registering any of the changes. As soon as I hit play it then records the state of the parameters.

I’d be lying if I said this is the first time I got stung by this, but alas it’s not :roll_eyes: I guess in 99% of cases you will probably run some audio through a plugin before making any saves, so I think we’re good here?

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I managed to recall parameters by forcing an automation with the desired value.
I will keep looking into it, maybe by setting the last values as default in the .csd?