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Feature Request - Restore session after crash

Nothing urgent, just a time-saving feature request: wondering if it’s possible to set the prefs to restore windows after a crash :bomb: seems like Cabbage reverts to the previous saved session on reopening, and for those of us that are working on a number of projects simultaneously, the time it takes to reopen your crashed session adds up when debugging. Of course the workaround for me is to save the session I’m in, quit and reopen Cabbage - but I don’t always do that

Anyway - this is totally not urgent - just wanted to get it in the backlog while I remembered :wink:

Do you mean reopen al last opened files, or reload the patch?

I mean everything that was open when the session crashed - basically, your last session. Does that make sense?

All the last open files should be restored when you open again after a crash? I’ll try later when I get a chance…

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