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File property in image

I’m working on a emulation on the Solina Sound Ensemble and in the way of doing this, I built a little function table visualizer based on the example of Gentable
displaytab.csd (8.2 KB) displaytab.snaps (5.5 KB)

it’s based on gen06 and you an modify on the fly the table and fit a image wavetable

everything was fine, but I ran into an old problem : file property of image doesn’t seem to be updatable
any ideas to solve ?

cheers !

Can you send me the png? I’ll test with another one in the meantime, but it would be nice to have the complete package…

Take out the bounds() from the identifier string you pass to the image. That fixes it here, I’m not sure why setting the widget size at the same time affects this but this is a fix at least :+1:

I can’t make it work on Ubuntu,
I guess I missing something ? :-/
testimage.csd (895 Bytes)

Yup, I see the issue now… looks like a bug

[edit] There is a fix in git for this now. In the develop branch. Let me know how it goes. Passes your test here.

I’m having trouble compiling Cabbage, (missing gtk/gth.h => working on it)
I grabbed the nightly but I have an error too :
Cabbage: undefined symbol: csoundLoadPlugins
June 19 nightly worked fine though ?

Are you building Csound from source? I build against the master branch when I create that deb package. Btw, this is how I resolve the gtk issue.

Yes it works now :slight_smile: I can modify images on fly

Regarding gtk, Ubuntu doesn’t (at last in my machine !) to install a symlink in /usr/include gdk. I’ll put it for now, but may be a cleaner solutinon would be to add a /usr/include/gtk-3.0 include path in the projucer file ?

Oops, :grimacing:
I still having a problem after a save in my csd (ftsave, performed on another instrument)
I try to reproduce it on a simple .csd and keep you posted

[EDIT] : the problem seems to be linked to the save button that tries to reinstate some variable I guess.
when I delete the save button and the combobox with the snaps, it works event after the ftsave…

Would be good if you can reproduce it with a simple example :+1: