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Filmstrip for encoder

I was just looking at the encoder for the first time, and I was wondering if it can use a filmstrip png file? Haven’t tried it yet, but I would imagine it would be a little different than a regular rslider. I also didn’t see ‘file’ on the list of identifiers available for the encoder, but that doesn’t always mean anything…



No, this one uses native drawing routines. You could however superimpose an image on top of it and use the encoder values to rotate it. Set mouseInteraction(val) to 0 so you can interact with the slider under it. :+1:

I actually was thinking of implementing an “image/slider” to see if I could get it to use some svg code as the knob drawing… But alas, so many other things to do first…

I would imagine for this to work without having a supporting object, the image widget would have to have a ‘value’, and probably a few other changes, too… probably some enhanced mouse interaction. But how many widgets could be created? (Just dreaming…)


The options are endless :rofl:

They would really depend on what data structures could be implemented in Csound. I’m thinking about that modular synth again, and I’d like to create a list of components that could be added to the run, and closed when not needed…