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FMOD issue in latest versions


I’m a new user of Cabbage and I’m in love with this software. Currently I’m developing an educational training software in Unity and Cabbage is the answer for two simple dsp processing jobs that FMOD can’t do.

I have programmed a simple phase invert plugin and the VST version works perfectly. The issue is when I export the FMOD version and I add it to the proyect in the FMOD studio the sound is weird, like dropped samples and pitch alteredsound. I have even tried to use the example plugins with the same result.

I have experimented with the sr, ksmps, number of channels, etc, with similar results.

Someone have similar problems? I’m using the latest versions of both software in mac and windows.

Thanks in advance and congrats for this software.


Hi @ender66, welcome to the forum. I haven’t tested the fmod in a long time. So it’s the same problem on Mac and windows? Btw, what versions of Cabbage are you using? Can you try one of the more recent beta builds?

Thanks for helping me!

I’ve just check the latest Beta build with the same result. I’m Using FMOD 2.02.07 and I´ve checked older versions back to 1.08. In some older versions I don’t see de plugins though.

I can´t see what parameters should I change.

Thank you

I will need to install the latest version of Fmod and test this myself when I get a chance. @Clovix was the last user here to report on FMOD. He didn’t seem to have any issues. Have you tried rolling back on FMOD versions to see if that is the issue?

Yes, I´ve rolled back to 1.08, 1.09 … and I have the same problem. I’ll keep on testing. Thanks

Hi @ender66, if you’re still having issues with FMOD, you can bypass it entirely and try CsoundUnity, it simply overrides the samples played by an AudioSource with the Csound output.
There are several examples you can start with, but feel free to ask :wink:

Thanks for the idea, I’ll keep it in mind.

After some work, the cabbage plugins seem to work in PC in FMOD build 1.10.05.

I’ve to made an entirely new project to use that build.

I’ll keep you informed.

Thanks for your help