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I’ve added a new typeface() identifier which can be used with the form widget to set a custom font for your instruments. This will set a global font that all instrument widgets will use.

I think I got most widgets, but let me know if you find any that don’t work. .ttf and .otf files are supported, but mileage may vary.

This should be available in Azure in a half an hour or so.

Nice! So you place the fontfile inside the folder of your .csd?

Yeah, well you can place it anywhere, but beside the .csd file is probably the easiest. You can also place it in the C:/ProgramData/CabbageAudio/PluginName folder if you want to keep these things away from the dll.


This is great news, thanks Rory!

Is this expected to work with unicode symbols like play/pause symbols, emojis, etc? If so… I’ve got to find a new default font with some good symbols, such as common wave shapes, play/pause, mute/unmute etc.

I think this will add a lot of easily accessible depth/richness to labels and controls… can’t wait to try it out tonight when I “freshen up”. :smiley:

I think if the typeface support those symbols then you should be good to go.